FAQ 1. How to register for CA?

To provisionally register for the ca Foundation Course, a person who wishes to enroll in the Chartered Accountancy program must have passed the class 10 examination administered by an examination body established by law in India or an examination that the Central Government or a State Government has determined to be an equivalent test. Alternatively, a person may enroll after passing the class 12 examination.

One must register for the CA Foundation exam of the Chartered Accountancy Course by going to the ICAI’s official website (www.icai.org).

Additionally, the following candidates can enroll in an Intermediate course directly after choosing a Direct Entry Route rather than taking CA Foundation.

  • Graduates from the commerce stream or postgraduates with at least 55% in their coursework
  • Graduates from other streams or postgraduates with at least 60%.
  • Candidates who have successfully completed the Intermediate level of the Indian Institute of Cost Accountants or the Indian Institute of Companies Secretaries.

FAQ 2. How to crack CA Exams in the first attempt?

The CA Exam Frequently Asked Questions

Every candidate for a CA license wants to pass the CA exams on their first try. Numerous instances exist of pupils who failed their tenth-grade examinations but excelled on their first try at CA Intermediate or Final exams. Furthermore, if they lack the requisite purpose, tenacity, and strategy, even the top students from their school or college risk failing the exam.

There are a few steps that have been listed that can help a student pass the CA exams on their first try.

Before moving on to Step 1, disclaimer (Step 0.1): Try to limit distractions brought on by smartphones, social media, etc.

Step 1: Ignore previous exam results

Step 2: Create a study schedule and plan.

Step 3: Choose the best reference books and study materials.

Step 4: Know the Syllabus and Weightage.

Step 5: Prepare the Important Topics.

Step 6: Practice Revision Test Papers (RTPs) are the sixth step.

Step 7: Create sample exam questions.

Step 8: Take the ICAI mock tests (MT)

FAQ 3. How long is the CA Course supposed to take to finish?

There are two methods for enrolling in the course:

After passing the Class XII exams, enroll in the Foundation Course.

By direct entry, that is, after receiving a diploma or a post-graduate degree

Both approaches take different amounts of time to complete the course.

CA via Foundation Route: For those enrolling after their 12th grade year, the Chartered Accountancy Course must be completed within 4.5 years.

The minimum length of the Chartered Accountancy Course for someone attending after graduation or postgraduate study is 3 years.

FAQ 4. Subject-wise details of all the stages of CA exam.

One of the most esteemed degrees is called “Chartered Accountancy,” and it is known as a professional program that enables students to get solid technical knowledge for managing the finances, accounting, taxes, and legal compliances of any organization. A candidate must study the following topics in order to gain such solid knowledge during the three phases of the CA exams.

CA Foundation

1. Accounting Principles and Practices

2. Business Law, Business Reporting, and Business Correspondence

3. Statistics, logical thinking, and business mathematics

4. Commercial and Business Knowledge and Business Economics

CA Intermediate

1. Accounting

2. Corporate and other laws

3. Cost and Management Accounting

4. Taxation

5. Advanced Accounting

6. Auditing and Assurance

7. Enterprise Information System & Strategic Management

8. Financial Management and Economics for Finance

CA Final

1. Financial Reporting

2. Strategic Financial Management

3. Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics

4. Corporate and Economic Laws

5. Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation

6. Elective Paper

7. Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation

8. Indirect Tax Laws

FAQ 5. Is CA Course difficult to crack?

Chartered Accountancy is regarded as one of the most difficult tests to pass, despite the fact that many students choose the CA Course for their bright future. In order to become a chartered accountant, a candidate must possess a great deal of perseverance, patience, and hard work. Along with these traits, one must craft a clever curriculum and study plan.

It goes without saying that a candidate can easily pass the CA exams with flying colors provided they have a solid preparation plan.

FAQ 6. How much does a CA charge for his/her services?

Depending on the services he provides, the number of transactions, the responsibility and competence needed to do the work and other variables, CAs in practice charge differently.

In accordance with the services offered by CAs, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has proposed a range of CA fees for various cities (https://cmpbenefits.icai.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Details-download.pdf). As a result, ICAI members who hold COP are permitted to set their own minimum fees in accordance with the organization’s norms.

FAQ 7. Should one start a CA course after high school or after graduation?

The primary and distinguishing difference is that, following the completion of Class XII, the candidate must first pass the Foundation test in order to enroll in the Chartered Accountancy program. The second stage following CA Foundation is the Intermediate course, which can be entered directly if the individual has earned their undergraduate degree.

It is typically encouraged to enroll in a CA program immediately after passing the class XII examination since it allows students to start the program early and continue with their graduation simultaneously, which can shorten the time it takes to complete both degrees (CA and graduation).

FAQ 8. I forgot/did not get my password. What should I do?

On the login screen, click “Forgot/password” and select one of the three ways to reset your password. Contact the Help Desk at 18004192929, 0120-3054851, 3054852, 3054853, 3054835, 4953751, 4953752, 4953753, or 4953754 if you’re still having issues, or send an email to onlineexamforms@icai.in with enough advance notice. When requesting these facts, make sure to mention your student registration number, name, father’s name, and birthdate.

As soon as you log in and take control of your Login for the exam-related activities, we advise you to change and remember the password. The same email address that is registered on this website should be used to send the email.

FAQ 9. What is the salary of a CA?

Nearly every industry in India and abroad has a high demand for CAs. A newly qualified CA can expect to make between Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 6 lakhs in annual minimum pay. If the CA works abroad, the pay could reach 45 lakhs per year. Based on typical business practices in the industry, the CTC may vary depending on the geo-location and from company to firm.

FAQ 10. How should I balance my study and work throughout my articleship?

Maintaining a balance between your work and studies is crucial. It’s critical to realize that once your articleship begins, work takes precedence over study. After putting that CA tag in front of your name, what you learn on the job will help you get the job you want. Having stated that it’s important to organize your study schedule. Many students, in our experience, just enroll in classes after beginning their articleship. Why are you moving so quickly? Avoid adopting a herd mentality. After 2.5 years, you won’t even remember that. The advice would be to settle in at work for the first 4-5 months before beginning your coaching.

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